February 1, 2024

Decorating Your Home According To Your Star Sign

Most everyone is likely familiar with astrology enough to know their star sign. Many believe in it wholeheartedly and follow the premonitions and expectations laid out for them. Other’s may only know they exist, dabble a little but not follow them completely to the letter. While quite a few denounce it completely claiming it has no foundation and is nonsense. It is said that your star sign impacts many aspects of your life, from personality traits to lifestyle choices. So, who’s to say it doesn’t impact the way we decorate our homes. After all, isn’t decoration a manifestation of our personality and lifestyle choices? 

Fire Signs

Known for their fiery countenance through their passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and competitive spirit. Undeniably bright and bold, this collection includes the signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Collectively they are known to be quite outgoing and the life of the party. Often adventurous in all aspects of their life they are lovers of travel and embracers of the new. Fire signs are very instinctual and seizers of opportunities. As a fire sign, your house will reflect all these aspects of your personality. People would describe your choices as strong and eccentric. Bold color choices and modern displays will demonstrate your inner power. Your passion can be easily recognised in the pieces of art you chose to display on your walls. It’s unlikely to see any airtight cabinets or delicate ornaments instead imagine large feature walls with aluminium battens and other sleek, unusual materials. 

As a Sagittarius, you are most likely to have a wandering spirit despite your romantic heart. Often on the move and always up for meeting new people from all walks of life. Your home is the perfect place to memorialise all of your experiences. Whether that means photos of you on your travels with the people you befriended along the way or keepsakes from each of your trips.

As an Aries, you are strong-willed and very resilient. Demonstrating these traits in your home might look like bold paint choices and thought-provoking artwork. Your furniture will be sturdy and reliable like yourself and it is safe to assume you will fix things before you rush to replace them. 

As a Leo, you are the leading lad/lady in your social circumstances. You love to be the centre of attention and hosting lots of people in your home and showing them a good time is an important pastime of yours. Open spaces and a laid back vibe will be found in your home, perhaps some beach style furniture to bring a holiday vibe to your guests. 

beach homeware

Water Signs 

Known for their intensity and emotional intellect, these signs are intuitive and sentimental. Made up of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, these guys run deep like the waters their signs represent. They are extremely observant and crave community and connection through deep thoughts, conversations and relationships. The home of a water sign will likely give off strong homely vibes. Nooks for book reading and comfy spaces for deep contemplation of the world. Their color schemes will be subtle and calming, their furniture light and inviting. Oftentimes there will be actual watery adjacent designs such as large prints of vast lakes/oceans etc or beach style homewares. Water signs are known to be exceptionally caring and being in their space will be comforting and welcoming. 

As a Pisces, you’re likely a dreamer and flow-er. Extremely emotionally intelligent and often emotional sponges. You are the most likely to have a part of your home that is ‘you space’. This is used when you’re burnt out from the depth of your emotions and need a break from reality. 

As a Cancer you are loving and the most caring of the trio. You’re probably the person your friends all turn to when they need a bit of support. Your home will inevitably have the comfiest and cosiest couch. Your kitchen will be stocked, and the kettle will be large – tea all round. 

As a Scorpio you are the most independent of the trio – that’s not to say you’re not fiercely loyal. You are strong-willed and have an incredibly curious mind. These aspects will be reflected in your modern furnishings including multiple large bookcases. Your art storage will be your walls. Bold and thought-provoking pieces, just like yourself. 

Air Signs

Lastly, we have our air signs – they are extremely driven and analytic, they ask the big questions. Made up of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, they are very pragmatic with exceptional work ethic. These guys are the most likely to be work-a-holics due to their unending thirst for knowledge and understanding. Fiercely independent and extremely self-sufficient, the air signs décor will be minimalist and very practical. Nothing will be done by accident – the heaters will be placed precisely in the most efficient spot and the layout of the furniture will use the space in the most practical way possible. These guys know all about what’s good for your home, they have architectural cladding and deliberately placed windows for the perfect airflow. Don’t be fooled by their museum feeling home, they are extremely social and caring.  

As a Gemini, you are said to be a bit two-faced. You are a very loving and loyal friend but you’re not someone to go to if you want to complain and not find solutions. You are quite career-driven and your space is likely to have the perfect set up to do whatever your calling is. Whether that is an office or a studio, when work calls, you answer. 

As a Libra, you are known to be a bit flaky and rather indecisive. You’re a little introverted and slightly closed off but still extremely social. There’s a good chance your space will be mismatched but aesthetically pleasing nonetheless. Your home will be quirky but highly practical and pretty. As an Aquarius, you are INCREDIBLY independent and very analytical. You didn’t grow out of your toddler phase of always asking why when posed with something you don’t understand. You probably love puzzles and complex board games. Your home will reflect this with large, well-stocked bookshelves and an extensive board game coll