June 17, 2024

Interior Design Style Around the World

Indian Style Home Interior

The beauty of interior design is the ability to get creative, combining art and science to design a space from different cultural inspiration around the world. Whether this is through a goal of designing unique aesthetics or incorporating advanced functionality and practicality. Through research, extensive planning, and coordinating, an interior designer, design team or interior stylist will work with a client and ultimately give them what they want.

When considering cultural differences and interior design, it is important to remain respectful to varying design trends and expectations that have been established around the world. Essentially, cultural appropriation occurs when a dominant culture takes something from another. It is when they do this without regard for its original meaning or context. Similarly, the question remains, is it okay for households and organizations to decorate with artwork or antiques, symbols or textiles from around the world. Is this taboo?

Art is generally inspired. Therefore, artists are inspired by experience, other artists, art movements, and someone. With direct relevance to culture, it becomes problematic when people don’t admit their influence by other cultures or other people. History and travel often what people take into consideration when designing a space. This may be an entire home or a small room. With respect to all of the following global interior design trends, here are some amazing design ideas, known to beautiful countries:

French country or French provincial

Similar to interior design styles of the modern era, the French are known to combine a mix of antique, farmhouse elements with chic sophistication. This interior design theme is focused on a more homely feel that reflects class, focusing on French farmhouse layout and interiors. Somewhat of Bohemian style, it reflects a relaxed lifestyle that is calming and secure. In terms of color choice, light earthy colors are normally used on the walls, and stone or brickwork normally left exposed. In terms of textile choice and accessories, deep warmer colors are used. Vintage and antique furniture is an important part of this interior design style. Wire furniture for outdoor areas is quite popular in this style. Instead of carpet, wooden or stone floors with rugs of unique patterns a preferred choice for this particular decor theme.

Australian Coastal

Australian interior design has been popular for decades. Featuring light vibrant neutrals to soak up the sun rays, with hints of light blue and light green that are inspired by the ocean, combined with softened shades of cream and white. This interior design inspiration is relaxed but elegant at the same time. It combines the idea of everyday beach lifestyle living with glam! Textiles, such as cushions and throws are used to accessorize the home, as well as things like shells or sea-shaped decor. Lots of large windows and a view of the beach or water makes this coastal theme come together very nicely.

Moroccan Warmth

In today’s society, the idea of minimalism, homes with bright light and large open spaces have become increasingly popular. On the flip side, the Moroccan vibe entails the use of color and textures that have a welcoming and friendly feeling. With a mixed palate of warm colors, and specifically ‘jewel’ colors, such as rich red, gold, deep purple, and burnt blood orange. Deep green and blue can also add a unique contrast, through décor and accessories, representing the sea and landscape. It is common to find arched features and windows with a stained-glass effect, very different from sharp edges and crisp glass found in modern homes. Patterns and shapes are used throughout homes and Moroccan inspirited spaces, with the use of cushions, throws, and very large rugs. This theme oozes an elegant yet exotic look, with low seating and ornate wood carvings.

Asian Zen

Asian style interior design, often known as ‘Oriental’ design, captures the cultures of Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and other Eastern societies. This ‘Asian Zen’ design typically incorporates whites, light neutrals, and dark tones like deep blue or black. The occasional pop of color here and there is also found. These are normally limited to colors found in nature, such as greens, reds, and oranges, inspired by the outdoors or the plumage of a colored bird. This interior design trend looks expensive, through its minimalistic, but uniquely layered approach. It is common to also find rich and deep wooden furnishings or even timber screens. Lights are often warm instead of white and large potted plants alongside smaller trees are put in rooms to add splashes of greenery and to explore the botanical theme. Furniture oils are used to keep the space looking polished and youthful.


One of the simpler themes, this contemporary interior design style is one that will never go out of style. With the use of balanced décor highlights, organic shapes, and eco-friendly furniture, paired with natural tones, this whispers ‘relaxation’. Generally, all-white spaces with shades of grey timber undertones, hints of color are incorporated through foliage and plants or a small rug or throw. This interior design inspiration is the epitome of comfort and functionality for a modern homeowner. Pops of pastel colors for décor or paintings is as bright as it gets. Wooden flooring and wooden accents to mirror the Scandinavian appreciation for nature and the outdoors are also common. Outdoor gardens often feature minimalist wire work and lots of greenery.

Indian Vibrancy

Combining beautifully complex patterns that are vibrant and bold, with handspun fabrics, Indian interiors are captivating and just wow! Despite the screaming colors, Indian interior has dedicated rooms for relaxation and socializing, utilizing the available floor space. The spaces are designed to be rather informal, filled with shades of red, blue, yellow, and orange, holding cultural significance in India.  The most common textiles used in India are silk and cotton, where people are able to draw and print patterns themselves. Accessorized with plenty of cushions, rugs, and table cloths, all extremely extravagant and unique with varying colors and patterns. Some would call it beautiful chaos; however traditional Indian interior is exotic and royal. It encompasses symmetry and balance. Popular decorative items include flower vases, elephants made from terracotta, artwork, and embroidered rugs. Often there is a Zen corner, with oil lamps, flowers, candles and wooden temples.