February 1, 2024

Is the Romper Out for 2020?

the classic romper

Image courtesy of amazon.com

With fashion trends changing year after year, it can be hard to keep up. And needless to say, you have to think about your taste before you roll the dice in a bid to match.

Just because an ensemble makes it around the runaway doesn’t mean you’ll need to wear it. Nevertheless, 2020 promises a varied lineup of cool apparel designs, and you will want to embrace one of these trendsetting styles.

From designer rompers into peplums to strapless rompers and jumpsuits, 2020 is bound to be a year where rompers will hit on the fashion radar. But just what are rompers and are they still in style? Keep reading to find out.

What’s a Romper?

You’ve probably heard the word romper floating around the fashion world. But are you sure you know what a romper is?

A lot of people will tell you a romper is a one-piece outer garment. But does any sort of one-piece garment, even pieces with long legs qualify as a romper? Not necessarily.

A romper is a bit of clothing consisting of a shirt with attached shorts, commonly worn by toddlers. Though initially designed for children, rompers have developed dramatically to become fashion attire for women.

But not all one-piece outer clothes qualify as a romper. Period! A one-piece garment with legs that go past the knee length is known as a jumpsuit, not a romper.

Are Rompers Still in Design in 2020?

Trends come and go, but there is one particular piece that’ll always look awesome no matter the event, day, or season. And that is no other than the romper.

Whether you are a fashionista or only looking for a mild, yet stylish outfit, the romper might be the perfect addition to your existing wardrobe.

They were popular as playwear for children because they were viewed as ideal for motion. In the late 1950s, their popularity surged when women started using them as beachwear.

After that, rompers continued to be used by babies and toddlers, and with time, became less prevalent among women, although never disappearing entirely. But in 2010, the romper dress and romper with shorts hit the runaway, making a huge comeback.

These days, the floral romper has become the epitome of fashion and classical coolness, owing to its ability to provide a very feminine form. Experts agree that rompers will know no bounds in 2020. The romper trend will continue to grow, and you can expect to see fascinating iterations on the runway from 2020 and beyond.